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Service Options

In the long term we want our clients to improve their understanding of financial products and markets. However, we recognise that our clients have different needs for advice and information but want the comfort of knowing that their plans are being looked after. Putting a review system in place ensures that on a periodic basis your adviser will review your file to keep you on track.

Service Option Light Comprehensive Premium
We recognise that our clients have different needs for advice and information and want the comfort of knowing that their plans are being looked after.Putting a service agreement in place ensures that we will review your plans to keep you on track.We therefore offer a range of cost-effective options. To ensure that your plans receive basic monitoring and oversight we will provide basic administration of your policies.This includes issuance of provider statements and important notices, and access to a financial adviser when required (subject to additional charges) but we will not offer review meetings or monitor your investment returns or make changes to funds until you ask us to. Designed for the majority of our clients who want to ensure their plans stay on track to meet their needs at an affordable cost.This provides a review meeting each year with your Financial Advisor to undertake a full review of your financial needs and check that your plans keep pace with the changes in your life.We include a free risk profiling service and investment solutions matched to your risk profile. For clients with larger investment funds who require a more “hands on” approach, we offer the Premium service.This is an holistic service to manage your investments on a more regular basis, and coordinate your planning with your other advisers (accountant, solicitor and bank).Investment advice will be based on detailed risk assessment and understanding of personal preferences and bespoke investment portfolios from a range of over 5,000 whole of market funds.
How do we charge for this? This is a “pay as you go” service: All work is charged at the applicable hourly rate. Typical costs would be:

  • Valuation summary by post: £50
  • Review meeting with adviser: £160 p/hour
  • Policy surrender £100
  • Death claim for probate: £300

Costs are based on typical time spent.

We have a tiered charging structure based on funds that we advise on:

  • Up to £250,000: 1.0% p.a. for funds managed (e.g. £100 per £10,000 with a minimum charge of £50.00 per month)
  • £75,001- 150,000: 0.75% p.a. (e.g. £75 per £10,000)
  • £250,001 – £500,000: 0.75% p.a. (e.g. £50 per £10,000)
  • £500,001 – £1m: 0.5% p.a. (e.g. £50 per £10,000)
  • £1m up: 0.4% p.a. (e.g. £40 per £10,000)

For non-investment clients we charge £60 per month or £700 per year

  • 0.4% annual charge against investments under management over £1m (minimum charge of £200 per month)
  • For non-investment clients we charge £150 per month or £1500 per year

Review meetings typically require 4 hours of adviser and administrator time, but may be higher if we liaise with your other professional advisers.

Service Option Light Comprehensive Premium
What is included ?
Face to face reviews with your adviser per year 0 1 2-3
Personal website with online valuations green_tick green_tick
Valuation summary report green_tick green_tick
Access to financial adviser when required green_tick green_tick green_tick
Basic plan administration (excluding surrenders & withdrawals) green_tick green_tick green_tick
Plan alterations / fund changes at no additional charge green_tick green_tick
Annual fact find to identity changes in circumstances green_tick green_tick
Detailed risk assessment questionnaire and report green_tick green_tick
Investment solutions matched to your risk profile green_tick
Bespoke investments taking into account personal choices green_tick
Holistic financial planning with your other advisers green_tick


Regular contact and review meetings enhance the relationship between the client and adviser. We therefore offer a range of cost-effective options.

* Funds under management generating trail fees or commission at 0.5 – 1.0% per annum will cover the cost of the service in full. If not the balance of cost will be invoiced annually.

Speak to us now to see how your financial wealth will grow with regular service.

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