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Tax Planning

At Apex CB Financial Planning we don’t provide accountancy services. Though our time and experience in finance and business has enabled us to build relationships with local accountants that we can recommend to provide a range of services from basic book-keeping, to personal and company annual returns, right through to sophisticated tax strategies for high earners and corporate clients.

Unfortunately however, only about 10% of the UK’s accountants have the qualifications necessary to provide advice on financial products or investments. Your accountant can recommend that you pay into a pension to save tax (sadly, too few do) but they probably can’t help you choose one.

Most people face 3 main taxes in their life: Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax. At Apex CB Financial Planning there is an a great deal that we can do to help you pay less tax and we can even work in partnership with your tax accountant to put together a coordinated strategy.

High Earners

Anybody who earns more than £150,000 pays Additional Rate Tax at 45%. Whether it is through sophisticated tax planning, pension planning, or investment advice, we can help you to minimise the impact of taxation on your finances with solutions tailored entirely to your circumstances.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax now affects many ordinary people, not just the wealthiest people in society. In fact, the majority of Inheritance Tax is actually paid by ordinary people who didn’t realise that there was a problem until it was too late and the super-wealthy often pay very little because they can afford the best advice. With careful planning we can help you to achieve the right balance between keeping your money accessible and reducing your tax liability.

Tax Free Savings

In conjunction with True Potential, Apex CB Financial Planning is able to offer some truly innovative savings technology. impulseSave® is our first-of-its-kind technology that helps you add money to your investments in an instant. We believe that impulseSave® can change your habits and the way you invest your money for the better.

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