Call us on 01202 622223 for a no obligation consultation
Call us on 01202 622223 for a no obligation consultation

Glyn Rogan

Glyn gained a number of years working in warehouse and distribution at a number of large organisations before being appointed CFO of a specialist garment processing company in 1995. In 1997, after recognising that further serious investment was needed for the business to fulfil its potential, together with Mike Danby, Glyn organised a management buyout of the business that would ultimately become Advanced Supply Chain Group.

Glyn is responsible for all financial aspects of the business together with HR, security, estates management health and safety, Insurance and all company secretarial obligations.

Glyn’s financial acumen and background in the industry is a valuable asset to the business. Glyn has carefully controls the finances of the business and has combined tight cost control, astute borrowing and the ability to provide the secure financial environment for the business to continue its expansion over the years.

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