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28th April 2023

Apex CB proudly sponsors a room for Helping Homeless Veterans

Helping Homeless Veterans is a volunteer-led local charity that helps our ex-forces personnel who have found themselves homeless for any reason. Their aim is to house them, find them work and emotionally support them in their journey back into society, and they have done so with great success.

The latest step is completion of the ‘Talbot Mews’ project, which officially opened on 25th March 2023. ‘The Talbot Mews’ project is the creation of six en-suite flatlets to be used as temporary accommodation for veterans who find themselves homeless, saving the charity the cost of hotel accommodation.

We have sponsored one of six rooms, and you can find out more by clicking here.

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7th September 2022

Apex Retirement Investment Solutions - September update

Global stock markets fell over the month, with the FTSE 100 Euro Stoxx and S&P 500 losing 1.06% and 4.08% respectively. Our portfolios grew by up to 0.11%.

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5th September 2022

We're supporting Helping Homeless Veterans UK charity

Apex CB is working to raise funds for Helping Homeless Veterans UK, an entirely volunteer-powered charity that has found permanent homes and jobs for over 300 armed forces veterans.

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28th March 2022

We will all be paying a price for Russia’s aggression

The war in Ukraine is having a significant impact on global economics and financial markets which we need to consider, even when the most important topics are the deaths, ruined lives, destroyed communities and flattened cities in Ukraine.

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15th June 2021

Taper Tantrum Two?

The Fed meets again later this week and, very likely, is still not thinking about thinking about raising rates. But that’s only part of the Fed’s tool kit.

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5th February 2021

Apex Retirement Investment Solutions February 2021 update

After strong gains in November and December, global stock markets fell in January with the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 falling 0.79% and 1.46% respectively. This led to small losses in our portfolios of between 0.17% and 0.62%.

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