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1st May 2019

Watch our new financial planning topic videos

It can be a struggle to get to grips with complex financial topics so we've teamed up with Independent Check to produce a series of "explainer" videos.

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4th March 2019

Talking financial services with Michael Tomlinson MP and the benefits of socially conscious investing

Chris Ryan talks to Michael Tomlinson MP about making financial services available for all and explains how socially conscious, or ESG investing, could make our world a better place.

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10th January 2019

Pension cold-calls banned

Since 9th January 2019, companies are banned from making unsolicited cold calls to sell pension advice. Potential fines of £500,000 will be levied on persistent offenders.

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3rd December 2018

Apex's Liz Murley is working with the Equity Release Council

Apex's Liz Murley has been asked to join an important project by the Equity Release Council (ERC) which will benefit our clients in Poole and across the region.

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8th October 2018

Brexit could add 7% (£130bn) to the UK economy

A group of leading economists and business leaders have published a paper that demonstrates that Brexit could be very good indeed for the UK economy.

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9th March 2018

New HMRC Trust Register - what you need to do as a trustee

If you are a Trustee a new rule means that you may have to complete the new online HMRC trust register.

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