New financial planning explainer videos now live


We have been working with Independent Check Ltd to add “explainer” financial planning topic videos to our website. We find that clients sometimes struggle to get to grips with complex financial topics, and in many cases videos get the message across better than lengthy text descriptions. Initially we have covered 5 topics, and more will be added in time.

Videos help explain ideas by using different perspectives. Not only do you hear the description, but also see a visual explanation too. It’s like someone drawing a picture to help you understand. They also allow us to give you examples of how the subject relates to you. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, animated pictures are worth a whole lot more!

You can see the links to our videos here:

  • Equity release – how it works and what are your options?
  • Life assurance – how it provides security through life
  • Cashflow planning – how forecasting your future help you plan and meet your goals
  • The Residential Nil Rate band – a complex piece of legislation simplified!
  • Pension freedoms – helping you understand the benefits and risks of accessing your pension flexibly

Our mortgage expert, Liz Murley, has been working  with the Equity Release Council to develop the Equity Release video. You can read more about her work in this project here.

We hope you enjoy the videos and find them interesting and enjoyable. Please do leave us comments on our YouTube channel.

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