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At Apex CB Financial Planning, we’re deeply familiar with the unique aspects of service life and the particular challenges it presents. Our experience is both broad and deep, assisting both retired and active members of the Armed Forces from various divisions—including the Royal Marines, SBS, Army, and Royal Navy—right here in Dorset and Hampshire. Our team is equipped with the specific knowledge and expertise required to handle your financial planning needs with the utmost confidentiality.

We recognise the difficulties your service entails, from extended periods away from family to the nuances of living overseas, all while juggling a demanding career with personal obligations.

Our understanding extends to the intricacies of military pensions and retirement timelines, which diverge from standard pensions. Moreover, we’re keenly aware of the significant financial adjustments and planning required as you transition out of service.

You can rely on us to navigate these complexities with you, ensuring your financial planning is sound for today and the days ahead.

Our Services credentials

Apex CB is one of the few IFAs in the UK approved to advice HM Forces. As a member of Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP), we are endorsed by the MOD. SIIAP is made up of insurance experts and Independent Financial Advisers specialising in providing services to HM Forces.

We support Forces MoneyPlan, a pro-bono initiative offering free, confidential financial guidance to all Armed Forces personnel and Veterans. All guidance is provided by fully qualified financial advisers and members of the Personal Finance Society & Society of Mortgage Professionals, who have volunteered both their time and expertise. Forces MoneyPlan enables recipients to be more informed about their financial well-being and less vulnerable to misinformation and scams.

We support Helping Homeless Veterans UK. We are very proud to be working with this incredible group of volunteers who have housed over 400 homeless veterans and turned their lives around.

A couple of hours spent planning now can secure a financial future for life. A good financial adviser will help as a life planner and make major life and career changes easier.

The motto “train hard, fight easy” can be adapted to “plan well, live easy”. You wouldn’t go into a battle without a plan so why do it in life?

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