What is Reform UK promising in their Election Contract?


Reform UK’s “Our Contract with You” presents a comprehensive plan aimed at addressing a wide range of issues in the UK, from economic reform to defense. Here is a detailed summary of the key points from their election pledge:

Economic Policies

Reform UK’s economic policies focus on fostering a high-growth, high-wage, low-tax economy. Key initiatives include:

  • Tax Reforms: Reducing the main corporation tax rate to 20%, and then to 15% by year five. The plan also includes lifting the minimum profit threshold for corporation tax to £100k and abolishing IR35 rules to support sole traders.
  • Supporting SMEs: Abolishing business rates for high street-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and offsetting this with a 4% online delivery tax for large multinational enterprises. There is also a focus on creating SME Enterprise Zones with zero tax periods to boost job creation in left-behind areas.
  • Reducing Red Tape: Scrapping laws that hinder business productivity and implementing a simplified tax code, drawing inspiration from countries with more efficient systems, such as Hong Kong.

Health and Social Care

Reform UK’s approach to health and social care includes:

  • NHS Reforms: Addressing the crisis in the NHS by reducing waiting times and improving overall efficiency. Specific strategies include better management of resources and investing in modern technologies to streamline healthcare services.
  • Social Care: Ensuring adequate funding for social care services and providing better support for the elderly and vulnerable populations.

Immigration and Borders

A significant emphasis is placed on controlling immigration:

  • Border Control: Strengthening border controls to address illegal immigration and the small boats crisis.
  • Immigration Policies: Implementing stricter immigration policies to ensure that those entering the UK can integrate and contribute positively to society.

Defense and Veterans

Reform UK’s defense policies are centered around enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities and supporting military personnel:

  • Increased Defense Spending: Raising defense spending to 2.5% of GDP by year three and to 3% within six years to bolster the size and capacity of the armed forces.
  • Support for Servicemen and Women: Introducing an urgent pay review to improve military pay, ensuring that military personnel are well-compensated. Additionally, a new Armed Forces Justice Bill will protect servicemen and women from unjust legal claims and provide a fast-track system for housing and welfare complaints.
  • Veterans Support: Establishing a dedicated ministerial department for veterans to ensure they receive the support they need during and after service.

Energy and Environment

Reform UK aims to leverage Britain’s natural resources while addressing environmental concerns:

  • Energy Independence: Maximizing the use of Britain’s oil and gas resources to reduce energy costs and support economic growth.
  • Environmental Policies: Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability, including reassessing Net Zero policies that are seen as detrimental to British industry and motorists.

Other Key Areas

  • Policing and Justice: Reforming the police force to improve public safety and efficiency in the justice system.
  • Education: Enhancing the education system to better prepare students for the future, including more support for vocational training and apprenticeships.
  • Housing: Addressing the housing crisis by fast-tracking new housing projects, especially on brownfield sites, to increase the availability of affordable homes.


Reform UK’s “Our Contract with You” outlines a bold and comprehensive plan aimed at transforming the UK’s economic landscape, improving public services, and ensuring national security. The party emphasizes pragmatic and common-sense solutions, focusing on efficiency and accountability in government, and aims to restore trust and integrity in the political system. It is likely to accord with the general public. However the lack of candidates is likely to limit the number of seats in Parliament, but could make them a coalition partner supporting one of the larger parties.

The full contract document can be viewed here: https://assets.nationbuilder.com/reformuk/pages/253/attachments/original/1718625371/Reform_UK_Our_Contract_with_You.pdf?1718625371

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