What is the Conservative party promising in their election manifesto?


The Conservative Party Manifesto 2024, titled “Clear Plan, Bold Action, Secure Future,” outlines the party’s priorities and policies for the upcoming election. Below is a comprehensive analysis and summary of the key points across various domains.

Economy and Taxation

  • National Insurance: The manifesto commits to cutting National Insurance by 2p, with a long-term goal of abolishing it when economically feasible.
  • Business and Investment: The Conservatives aim to support businesses with a competitive tax system to foster investment and innovation.

Families and Social Policies

  • Childcare: The manifesto promises 30 hours of free childcare per week, potentially saving eligible families £6,900 annually.
  • Pensioners: A new Triple Lock Plus scheme is proposed, ensuring that state pensions rise with inflation, earnings, or 2.5%, and remain untaxed.

Education and Youth

  • National Service: A new model of National Service is proposed to equip young people with essential skills and opportunities.
  • Apprenticeships and Education: The party pledges 100,000 high-quality apprenticeships and the introduction of the Advanced British Standard to enhance both technical and academic learning.

Health and Social Care

  • NHS: There is a commitment to increase NHS spending above inflation, recruit 92,000 new nurses and 28,000 more doctors, and construct 40 new hospitals by 2030. The manifesto also promises 2.5 million additional dental appointments and reforms to disability benefits.
  • Social Care: Plans to support and improve social care services are included, although specific financial details remain vague.

Defence and Security

  • Defence Spending: The manifesto pledges to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030, reflecting a commitment to national security.
  • Migration: A legal cap on migration is proposed, along with measures to stop illegal migration, including relocating illegal migrants to Rwanda.


  • Housebuilding: The Conservatives aim to build 1.6 million homes by the end of the next Parliament and abolish stamp duty for first-time buyers on homes up to £425,000. They also plan to fast-track housing developments on brownfield sites.
  • Housing Density: There are proposals to increase housing density in urban areas like London to address the housing crisis.

Environment and Energy

  • Net Zero: The manifesto reiterates a commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 but adopts a pragmatic approach. Investments include £6 billion for energy efficiency measures and an energy efficiency voucher scheme to help households install energy-efficient solutions.
  • Energy Policy: Policies aim to balance environmental goals with economic realities, avoiding drastic measures that could impose financial burdens on families.

Law and Order

  • Policing: An increase of 8,000 full-time police officers is promised, along with tougher measures on crime, including a minimum 25-year sentence for domestic murders.
  • Prisons: Four new prisons are planned to address overcrowding and improve the criminal justice system.


  • Transport: The manifesto includes a significant investment of £36 billion in local roads, rail, and buses. It also opposes road pricing and the ULEZ scheme, advocating for local referenda on speed limits.

Public Sector and Governance

  • Civil Service: Plans to cut the civil service to pre-pandemic levels, control spending on equality and diversity schemes, and move 25,000 civil servants out of London are outlined.
  • Public Services: While there are commitments to protect certain areas like the NHS, schools, and defence, the manifesto implies potential cuts to other unprotected public services to balance the budget.

This manifesto reflects the Conservative Party’s strategy to balance fiscal responsibility with key investments in public services, infrastructure, and national security while maintaining a strong stance on immigration and law enforcement.

For further details, the full manifesto can be accessed on the Conservative Party’s official website, or here: https://public.conservatives.com/static/documents/GE2024/Conservative-Manifesto-GE2024.pdf

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