Armed Forces

At Apex CB, we understand the unique financial considerations that come with serving in the HM Armed Forces. As the only financial adviser in Dorset accredited to advise the Armed Forces through our affiliation with SIIAP, we’re committed to providing comprehensive, tailored financial advice for service personnel and their families. Here’s how we can assist:

Tax-free Savings

Tax Planning

Despite the unique nature of your employment, tax considerations still play a crucial role in your financial planning.

Tax-free Savings

Make the most of your savings by taking advantage of tax-free options. We can provide advice on utilising ISAs and other tax-efficient savings options suitable for Armed Forces personnel.

Pensions and Retirement Planning, Pension Transfers

Saving & Retirement

We help you prepare for your future with effective saving and retirement strategies tailored to the Armed Forces.

Pensions and Retirement Planning

Understanding your Armed Forces pension can be complex, but it’s crucial for your retirement planning. We’re experienced in advising on the Armed Forces Pension Schemes and can provide guidance tailored to your service circumstances.

Pension Transfers

If you’re considering transferring your pension, we can guide you through the process, including explaining the potential benefits and drawbacks in the context of your Armed Forces pension.

Wealth Management


Building and managing your wealth is a crucial part of financial security for you and your family.

Wealth Management

We provide comprehensive wealth management services, including advising on suitable investment strategies for Armed Forces personnel, taking into account your unique circumstances and goals.

Life & Critical Illness Insurance, SIckness & Income Replacement Insurance, Private Medical Insurance

Health, Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Ensuring you have the right protection in place is crucial, especially considering the risks associated with serving in the Armed Forces.

Life & Critical Illness Insurance

We can help you evaluate your needs and options for life and critical illness insurance, providing advice tailored to the needs of Armed Forces personnel.

Sickness & Income Replacement Insurance

Illness or injury can lead to a loss of income. We can guide you through your options for sickness and income replacement insurance, helping you find suitable coverage.

Private Medical Insurance

Access to prompt medical services can be important for serving personnel and their families. We can guide you through the options for private medical insurance, helping you find suitable coverage.