Call us on 01202 622223 for a no obligation consultation
Call us on 01202 622223 for a no obligation consultation

At Apex CB Financial Planning we understand service life and the issues and challenges that you face. We have helped hundreds of retired and serving members of the Armed Forces in Dorset and Hampshire to plan for their financial future, including serving and retired Royal Marines, SBS, Army and Royal Air Force personnel. You can read some of the feedback they have left us on our Testimonials page.

We have the knowledge, expertise and the ability to deal with your needs effectively, and in plain English, and we are proud to be members of the Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP). Endorsed by the MOD, SIIAP is made up of individuals and firms who are insurance experts and Independent Financial Advisers specialising in providing services to HM Forces.

Get your plan squared away

You may be a high earner with little in the way of financial commitment, but only for a short time in your life. Career change in your 30s or 40s could be one of the biggest challenges that you’ll face and putting money aside in advance will help you through the transition.

A couple of hours spent planning now can secure a financial future for life. A good financial adviser will help as a life planner, and make major life and career changes easier. The motto “train hard, fight easy” can be adapted to “plan well, live easy”. You wouldn’t go into a battle without a plan so why do it in life?

At Apex CB Financial Planning we provide tailored advice for Armed Forces personnel covering:

Tax Free Savings

In conjunction with True Potential, Apex CB Financial Planning is able to offer some truly innovative savings technology. You already use your computer, tablet or smartphone to buy music, groceries and even find your next home – impulseSave® from True Potential brings that modern way of thinking to investments.

Pensions & Retirement Planning

As a member of HM Forces, you may well be facing a career change on your 40s and be faced with difficult decisions about “what next?” Although you will have the initial support of a resettlement grant and compensation payments, could you afford to live on a half or one third of your former pay? If you don’t keep saving for retirement that’s exactly what could happen. At Apex CB Financial Planning we can assist with the decisions you need to make in the transition to civilian life, and the longer term planning issues to secure your future.

Life & Critical Illness Cover

The specialised nature of your work means that many insurers won’t provide the cover you need. At Apex CB we can help you to get specialised Life and Critical Illness cover for your family or your mortgage with an insurer that understands your job.

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