Our aim at Apex CB is to provide comprehensive advice that helps ensure your financial stability and desired lifestyle throughout your retirement years. Here’s how we can assist you:

Inheritance Tax Planning, High Earners

Tax Planning

Planning for and managing taxes doesn’t stop when you retire. In fact, it becomes an even more crucial part of your financial strategy.

Inheritance Tax Planning

How you structure your estate can have a significant impact on the inheritance tax your heirs might have to pay. Our team can guide you through the complexities of UK inheritance tax laws to ensure a smooth and tax-efficient transition of your wealth.

High Earners

If you’re still earning a high income in retirement, perhaps from investments, business ventures or directorships, we can provide advice on managing and optimising these income streams in a tax-efficient manner.

Pensions and Retirement Planning, Pension Transfers

Saving & Retirement

Even in retirement, there are important decisions to make about your savings and pensions.

Wealth Management

Your pension doesn’t stop being relevant when you retire. It’s important to continually review and adjust your strategy based on your changing needs and circumstances. We can help you manage your pension to ensure it provides for your needs throughout your retirement.

Pensions and Retirement Planning

Depending on your circumstances, transferring your pension could provide you with more flexibility or a better return in retirement. We can guide you through the complexities of pension transfers, including potential benefits and drawbacks.

Wealth Management


Investing in retirement is all about preserving and growing your wealth to last throughout your retirement and potentially leave a legacy.

Wealth Management

At Apex CB, our wealth management service doesn’t stop when you retire. We continue to help you manage your investments, aiming to protect and grow your wealth while ensuring it aligns with your retirement lifestyle goals.

Private Medical Insurance

Health, Life & Critical Illness Insurance

As you get older, health considerations become increasingly important. Having the right insurance coverage is crucial.

Private Medical Insurance

With the potential for increasing health concerns in later years, having private medical insurance can give you peace of mind. We can help you navigate the options and choose a plan that provides the level of coverage you desire.