Corporate Services


We offer a comprehensive corporate financial planning service.

Our comprehensive Corporate financial planning service can add value at each stage of the lifecycle of a business. We work with businesses of all kinds, from small owner-managed businesses and start-ups, to large organisations, in Poole and across Dorset and Hampshire.

We can help to protect business owners and shareholders against unexpected events; provide expert advice and strategies for sheltering the company’s profits from Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax; advise you on the best vehicles for investing surplus profits, or tax efficient ways to take money out of the business.

We also provide support with longer term planning and corporate pension schemes for Directors and employees, advice on business exit strategies and maximising the revenue from the sale of your business.

Tax Planning

In conjunction with our specialist taxation partners and your Accountant we are able to help companies to reduce their corporation tax liabilities and set up highly tax efficient remuneration schemes for senior management.

Corporate Investment Advice

We help businesses overcome the poor returns achieved on cash savings without tying the money up in property.

Corporate Pension Schemes

We can help you with Auto Enrolment and managing your company pension scheme, or set up Directors’ tax planning.

Business Protection Insurance

Many business owners put more planning into their personal and family lives than their businesses, leaving too many things to chance. At Apex CB Financial Planning we can help you to ensure that your business is comprehensively protected against a wide range of risks, using products such as Share Protection, Key Person Protection and Business Loan Protection.

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