Investing for income

Investing for Income

Other Sources of Income: Besides pensions, consider other income sources like your existing investments, cash savings, rental income, or part-time work.

Tax Efficiency:  Most pensions create taxable income, but careful use of other investments can mean paying less away in tax to maximise your income.

Investing for yield, rather than capital growth: Reorganising your investments to create additional income can help to create additional cashflow to top up your pensions.

Risk management: As you near retirement, reassess your investment risk tolerance. Typically, a shift towards more conservative investments is common to protect the capital.

Diversification: Ensure your investment portfolio is well-diversified to mitigate risks. We are experts in managing investments to align with personal risk tolerance and income generation.

Don’t hoard cash: Putting surplus cash to work is crucial in maintaining long-term financial well-being. Cash rarely keeps pace with inflation, and spending the interest leads to depreciating capital. Cash is for short-term liquidity – upcoming spending and emergencies. Invest the surplus.

Your withdrawal strategy may change after State pension age, due to the extra tax you might pay on the State pension. Our aim is to help you to correctly structure ALL of your assets to achieve your goals.  

Ready to utilise your surplus capital? Our team of financial planners, backed by top industry insights, is here to help. Specialising in later-life financial planning, we offer custom solutions to secure your wealth. Get in touch now for a brighter, more secure financial future!

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